care can transform anything: 

from building Schools in Afghanistan, to planting vineyards on former minefields, to designing rural artisan jewelry & carpets, to restoring a houseboat destined for the dump.

I've walked minefields in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Croatia, Israel, Palestine and Vietnam, working to plant peace in soils and souls through innovative projects that reflect a respect for beauty and peace on our one Earth.

I live in Oakland, California with my husband, Ryan Brown, and our two pitbull terrier chihuahuas, Bowie and Ziggy.  I am a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Global Studies.  My personal paradise is a never ending picnic brainstorming wild ideas with my loved ones, ideally by a pond, absolutely with oysters, and probably with a strange melange of Lou Reed, The Spits and The Rockers soundtrack playing in the background.

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